ROYGBIV Cande Concentrate Kit

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ROYGBIV Cande Concentrate Kit


R – Apple Red

O – Atomic Tango

Y – Pineapple

G – Money Shot

B – Blue Razz

I – Plum

V – Anton LeViolet

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ROYGBIV Cande Concentrate Kit

ROYGBIV is an acronym for the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. So we put together a kit of those exact colors in our Cande Concentrate. With this kit you have the basics to create nearly any color, in any shade, that you may want.

Mix carrier to concentrate at 8:1 ratio (this is a guide, you can use as little as you want. Up to 5 parts carrier to 1 part concentrate)

Reduce/activate this mix per carrier instructions


We recommend using Triple C Intercoat Clear as your carrier.



What’s the best basecoat?
Candy is transparent, so you want something for the sun/light to reflect off of. This would be any metallic or pearl base. Silver Surfer, Goldenrod, Silk White, Black Diamond are just some of the recommended bases for candy.
What is the mix ratio?
You can use as little as you want. Good rule of thumb is 8 parts carrier to 1 part concentrate, but you can go up to 5 parts carrier to 1 part concentrate for a stronger color.
How long will it take to ship?
Almost all orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS or FedEx. Upon shipment, you will receive tracking number via email & text.
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