7 Easy Steps To A “Moving Checkers Pattern”

Pete Finlan aka Hot Dog Kustoms explains how he has perfected the moving checkers pattern aka basket weave.

Step by Step Moving Checkers Pattern

Spray your base & flake. Bury it with clear and sand flat, removing all texture. Don’t know how to spray flake? CLICK HERE

img 3726

Lay out tape (size of the tape dictates how big the checkers will be).

Using the tape as a guide, equally space your lines.

img 3727

Set the gun for 1-2″ pattern and go perpendicular across your tape. Spray your paint so that the edges leave a faded paint effect.

img 3728

Remove the tape
Apply tape over the areas that you just sprayed.

img 3729

Using the same fan pattern & same paint color spray between the lines that you had sprayed before.

img 3730

Remove all the tape. You’ve now got the pattern.

img 3731

Spray some shadowed effect around the edge, apply pinstriping (if you want) and then clear.

moving checkers pattern
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