Triple C Intercoat Clear – Candy, Pearl & Flake Carrier

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  • 1 part Triple C to 1 part Reducer
  • Add 1-2oz of BCH1 for each quart of reduced Triple C for added durability


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Triple C Intercoat Clear

Unlike others, in that it has no yellowish hue to it. It’s blend makes it ideal as a carrier for flakes or pearl and custom art work. Triple C can be used as a wet-bed sealer, lock-down clear, mid-coat for tri-coats, graphics and basecoat blender. With Triple C Intercoat Clear you have complete control. If we were to compare it to any other products, it’s better than House of Kolor SG100 or SG150. More comparable to the PPG DBC500 as it can also be used as a color blender or lock-down clear for metallics.




  • 1 part Triple C to 1 part Reducer (Flakes)
  • 1 part Triple C to 2 parts Reducer (pearls/candies)
  • 1 part Triple C to 3 parts Reducer (airbrush)


  • Allow 5-10 minutes flash between coats.
  • Allow 15-20 minutes dry time at 70°F before clearcoating.


  • Allow 30-60 minutes dry time before taping.

Reviews (71)

71 reviews for Triple C Intercoat Clear – Candy, Pearl & Flake Carrier

  1. Anonymous (verified buyer)

  2. RODRIGUE B. (verified buyer)

  3. Nick H. (verified buyer)

  4. Walter Czwalina (verified buyer)

  5. michael C. (verified buyer)

  6. martin v. (verified buyer)

  7. glenn michael (verified buyer)

  8. Stephen Johnston (verified buyer)

  9. Daniel (verified buyer)

  10. william roberson (verified buyer)

    great product

  11. Chad Babbitt (verified buyer)

    Best intercoat clear around.

  12. Billy Edwards (verified buyer)

  13. Anonymous (verified buyer)

  14. Michelle Sampson (verified buyer)

  15. Leroy Mendez jr (verified buyer)

  16. Taylor (verified buyer)

    Solid intercoat and amazing customer service behind their products

  17. Bryan D. (verified buyer)

  18. Jon L. (verified buyer)

  19. Brian B. (verified buyer)

  20. Greg Kovach (verified buyer)

    Floated the flake perfectly.. will definitely be purchasing again

  21. Christopher Beets (verified buyer)

  22. Derrick M. (verified buyer)

  23. Anthony R. (verified buyer)

  24. Ryan Borgheiinck (verified buyer)

  25. Donnie Echelbarger (verified buyer)

  26. john grabow (verified buyer)

  27. Alan H. (verified buyer)

    Best inter coat

  28. Rigoberto Martinez (verified buyer)

    This is the best intercoat clear I have used and I would strongly recommend using it. Works great with art work are metal flake!

  29. Manuel Romero (verified buyer)

  30. Michael Joseph (verified buyer)

  31. Jason Cox (verified buyer)

    Great stuff. It is the best I have ever used.

  32. Jason Chrysler (verified buyer)

  33. Alan H. (verified buyer)

  34. Eric Foote (verified buyer)

  35. John Yager (verified buyer)

  36. Jason C. (verified buyer)

  37. Kelly Powers (verified buyer)

    Worked better than the competition.

  38. Chris Day (verified buyer)

  39. Anonymous (verified buyer)

    This isn’t my first time ordering triple c intercoat clear. Love this product. Painter friendly. Really easy to use and work. Definitely recommend this

  40. Eldon Brown (verified buyer)

    Image #1 from Eldon Brown
  41. William Brown (verified buyer)

  42. Rigoberto Martinez (verified buyer)

  43. Jeff Summers (verified buyer)

    I gave this a try over a product I have used for years. I am not disappointed!

  44. Jason Cox (verified buyer)

    Best on the market.I would love to carry this in my online store

  45. Tyler S. (verified buyer)

  46. Timothy H. (verified buyer)

  47. Michael Hagans (verified buyer)

  48. Mike Markstaller (verified buyer)

  49. Roland Daley (verified buyer)

  50. Michelle S. (verified buyer)

    Great products, quick service.

  51. Rigoberto Martinez (verified buyer)

  52. Reynaldo V (verified buyer)

  53. Wayde F. (verified buyer)

  54. John Kostoff (verified buyer)

    If you’re looking for a great intercoat to mix candy or for protecting graphics. This is it!

    Image #1 from John Kostoff
  55. Bryan D. (verified buyer)

  56. Anonymous (verified buyer)

  57. Jason C. (verified buyer)

  58. Eric Foote (verified buyer)

  59. Osvaldo Cortes (verified buyer)

    Very good product for a very good price.

  60. Steve Jacobson (verified buyer)

    Great product!

    Image #1 from Steve Jacobson
    Image #2 from Steve Jacobson
    Image #3 from Steve Jacobson
  61. Eldon (verified buyer)


  62. Alan H. (verified buyer)

    Only one I use

  63. Christopher Day (verified buyer)

  64. Rob Harding (verified buyer)

    1st time using the Triple C. Thick enough I could thin it to my liking. Dries quickly and didnt bleed into the clear. I like it.

  65. Brandon Zook (verified buyer)

  66. rob harding (verified buyer)

  67. Jon Mayhew (verified buyer)

    Made a good thick coat to go with the beard clippings!

  68. Jonathan (verified buyer)

  69. Jordan Myers (verified buyer)

    Worked great! Did everything I needed it to with the Hallucination pearls 🤌🏻

    Image #1 from Jordan Myers
  70. Eric Foote (verified buyer)

    Love this intercoat

  71. Colton (verified buyer)

    Stuff worked awesome with the .008 and .015 flake I used!

    Image #1 from Colton

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What size tip to spray clear coat?
This will depend upon the clear you're using. Most high solids clears, you'll want a 1.4. Medium solids you can use a 1.2 or 1.3. With our high solids clears you can use a 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 without any issues.
What’s the best basecoat?
Candy is transparent, so you want something for the sun/light to reflect off of. This would be any metallic or pearl base. Silver Surfer, Goldenrod, Silk White, Black Diamond are just some of the recommended bases for candy.
What is the mix ratio?
You can use as little as you want. Good rule of thumb is 8 parts carrier to 1 part concentrate, but you can go up to 5 parts carrier to 1 part concentrate for a stronger color.
How long will it take to ship?
Almost all orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS or FedEx. Upon shipment, you will receive tracking number via email & text.
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