We know ordering the right amount of product for your paint project is crucial to making sure you or your customer’s project is completed on time and on budget.  Use the custom paint calculator chart below as a guide for selecting the right amount of paint.

Custom Paint Calculator

ProductSmall/ Medium CarMedium/ Large CarDoor Jams/Trunk/Underhood
Ground Coat*2-3 Quarts3-4 QuartsAdditional 1-2 Quarts
Mid Coat (Pearl, Cande, Chameleon)2-3 Quarts3-4 QuartsAdditional 1-2 Quarts
Clearcoat3-4 Quarts4 QuartsAdditional 1-2 Quarts
Activator (for clearcoat)1-2 Quarts1-2 QuartsAdditional .5-1 Quarts
Reducer (for paint)3-4 Quarts4 QuartsAdditional 1-2 Quarts

*Not all colors require a ground coat.

This table is to be used as a general guide line.  Check with a painter or paint specialist for your specific application.

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