Outrageous paints Shock Waves & Ecstasy lines have been discontinued by the manufacturer, Pro-Spray (owned by Valspar). We at Cande Shop have matched a lot of the Outrageous paints pearl effect colors. When ordering this color, you will be receiving a Cande Shop version of HIGH QUALITY colors.

Outrageous Shock Waves line was the most popular due to it’s vibrant color flop pearls. Used as a kit, it creates multiple pastel colors that look amazing in the sun.

Outrageous Ecstasy line was the next most popular with Amber Gold & Emerald Green being the leader in sales. Coming as a clear pearl, it allows you to spray over any color base coat. Allowing the base coat color to be seen, then as light hits the rest of the panel you see a color flop of up to 5 different colors.

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