How To Make Slime in 6 Easy Steps

How to Make Slime

What child doesn’t love making & playing with slime? But how do you make pearl slime using our products?

How To Make Pearl Slime

You can make this in just minutes. The color is so intense, but the work isn’t.

  1. Add the glue and water together. Stir until the glue is incorporated.
  2. Mix in the activator (start with 1 tablespoon and add incrementally) and stir. Go slowly until the mass forms. If needed, add a little more activating solution until the mass is fully formed after stirring.
  3. Stretch the slime slowly – see this article for tips about clear slime. Once it’s lost some of its stickiness, knead it by hand until no longer sticky.
  4. Lay it flat on a protected surface and add in sprinkles of pearl powder. Just layer it over the mix. Use 2 Lines (5 gram bags). Slowly stretch the mix and fold in the pearl powder.
  5. (Optional) Add in metal flakes. Again use 2 Lines (5 gram bags).
  6. Store in an airtight container.

This allows your kids to play with a non-toxic toy that’ll keep them entertained for days. That is until they want a new color. Then the fun of making new & wild colors begins all over again. You have infinite possibilities, including a clear that sparkles only when light hits it, by using our Hallucination or Delirium pearls. Or color changing, by using our chameleon pearls.

how to make slime
chameleon pearl slime
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