The finest in automotive custom paint in the world. Coming from Cande Shop. House of Kolor & PPG Vibrance Collection have been industry standard for quality custom paint. Well Cande Shop has taken that a step further with our line of automotive custom paint refinishing products. We have ensured our products exceed the quality & longevity of our competitors. Tested by custom painters & body shops alike, reviews are always outstanding. See for yourself, each product has it’s own reviews.

Since the buyout of Valspar by Sherwin-Williams, Outrageous custom paint was discontinued. We at Cande Shop have spent time extensively testing & fine tuning our pearls to replicate the famous Outrageous Shock Waves line that we have listed under Outrageous.

How much paint do you need? Check out our Custom Paint Calculator Tool to find that out within seconds.

Unfortunately due to paint being categorized as a hazardous material, WE HAVE TO SHIP THESE BY FEDEX GROUND ONLY. WE CANNOT SHIP ANYTHING FROM THIS CATEGORY INTERNATIONALLY.

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