5 Steps to Custom Paint Pebble Texture

There’s something about a paint job that is as smooth as glass, but has the 3D textures that jump out at you. This is how Chris Potter does it for a custom paint pebble texture.

custom paint pebble texture on a motorcycle gas tank
sprayed by: ig @mister_sos

Step by Step to Custom Paint Pebble Texture

Step 1

  • Grab primer/sealer under reduce it so that it is a bit thicker
  • Dial the air pressure back so that it’s just spitting the under-reduced primer out
  • Spray your texture

Step 2

  • After you get the desired texture, shoot your white basecoat (or basecoat color of your choice) over top to coverage

Step 3

  • Spray 2-3 coats of pearl over top

Step 4

  • Spray clear over top to lock it all down
  • Be sure to spray a couple coats extra in order to bury the high spots

Step 5

  • Wet sand with varying grits
  • Buff out to a glassy finish

This is just how easy it is to custom paint pebble texture. Now that you know how to, you’ll be using this technique on everything.

Sprayed by: Chris Potter
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