Custom Paint Jobs

These are the most outrageous custom paint jobs you’ll find on the internet

A feed of various artists & painters using Cande Shop paint, pearls, metal flake, candy and clear. Each picture will have their instagram contact information. We aren’t held liable for any transactions you make with them. This is simply us showcasing their work. Some of them specialize in custom paint jobs on motorcyles. While others specialize in custom paint jobs on cars. All communication & transactions are done with that in mind.

  • purple skies chameleon paint over black porsche 911
  • copper metallic truck
  • Ecstasy Amber Gold
  • cranberry cande harley bagger
  • delirium burple chameleon paint
  • everything bagel chameleon paint sprayed over black on a hood
  • forbidden fruit chameleon paint sprayed over black pontiac grand prix
  • blue cotton candy chameleon paint
  • purple cotton candy pearl
  • universal clear coat
  • forbidden fruit chameleon paint
  • custom paint pebble texture on a motorcycle gas tank
  • pinned-up pink pearl
  • firefly red chameleon paint
  • rusty spoon pearl coat
  • firefly red chameleon pearl

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