Custom Color Formulas

One of the biggest factors in choosing a paint job is having something no one else has. That’s where these custom color formulas come in handy. All non-standard color options, so they’re sure to make you stand out. Some colors never before seen, some you never would’ve imagined. All found on Cande Shop‘s Custom Color Formulas page.

Custom Candy Formulas

anton leviolet cande

Anton LeViolet

poppin' cherry cande spray out over silver surfer basecoat

Poppin’ Cherry

moonshine still copper cande over silver surfer

Moonshine Copper

Custom Pearl Formulas

Normally we don’t recommend mixing pearls together, but we’ve gone ahead & done some testing to create these custom colors that no one will be able to guess the paint code for.

ectocooler pearl spray out over super white

Ecto Cooler

funky fuchsia cande concentrate spray out over silver surfer base

Funky Fuchsia

1 part Passion Pitaya Cande
1 part Anton LeViolet Cande
Silver Surfer Base

Custom Color Formulas

These are some of the most outrageous color combos on the planet. All are tri-coat (3 stage) paint jobs. Made by taking a solid color base coat, coating it with a Unicorn Pearl/Chameleon Pearl Coat and finally topped with clear. Many of these colors you’ll see painters call “custom mixed” on Youtube.

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