Learn Custom Painting

Learn custom paint by seeing all the quick how-to lessons from artists/painters that will help you grow as an artist, custom painting cars or motorcycles.

moving checkers pattern

Moving Checkers

This effect makes it look like the a moving checkerboard

how to spray metal flake gooch's beard clippings helmet

Spraying Metal Flake

Get sparkling paint with ease.

custom paint pebble texture on a motorcycle gas tank

Pebble Effect

This 3D effect makes it look like you painted over pebbles.

ripped paint texture effect

Ripped Paint

This effect makes it look like the paint has been ripped away.

image transfers on custom paint

Image Transfer

Putting beautiful images on paint without an airbrush.

crystallized paint mask


This effect gives the illusion the paint is cracked.

painting water drops effect on a tumbler

Water Drops

This effect gives the illusion the paint has water on it.

galaxy space paint job

Galaxy Painting/Pearl Bomb

This effect is growing in popularity.

video thumbnail lace painting w uncle trashcan

Lace Painting

This effect is popular in the low rider scene

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