1 Simple Guide to Mixing Pearls in Cerakote

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How do you go about mixing pearls in Cerakote?

Cande Shop powdered pigments are added to Cerakote H-301 Matte Armor Clear or H-300 Gloss Armor Clear. Sprayed on top of a Cerakote base color.

mixing pearls in cerakote
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How much do I use?

It is entirely up to your desired outcome, we recommend

  • Our pigments can be used for both Cerakote and KG Gunkote clears. Below are just some references.
  • Typically recommend a black base. For light colored pigments such as yellows, pinks, etc. you may want to try a light colored base. ALWAYS test before full application.
  • 3 coats for full saturation. Some colors may require less.
  • Stay with pigments with a 10-60µm size. All particle sizes are listed on our product pages.
  • Recommend using a .80 spray nozzle. Some use 1.0 for clears.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Measure out your Cerakote H-300 or H-301 clear
  2. Add in your pearl & begin mixing pearls in Cerakote to avoid clumping
  3. Load your spray gun with the desired base color (don’t forget the activator)
  4. Spray that base color
  5. Allow parts to flash for 15 minutes followed by a partial bake (180° F for 15 minutes)
  6. Allow pieces to cool
  7. Get the clear shaken up to disperse the pearl/flake
  8. Pour mix into cup & add activator
  9. Mix together to fully disperse activator
  10. Spray pearl/clear mixture
  11. Allow parts to flash for 15 minutes followed by full cure at 250° F (121° C) for 2 hours

The differences in color will be more noticeable with the H-300 gloss clear. Many gun owners want a matte finish. It helps with eliminating the reflection of light when aiming. Last thing you want is bright light in your eye as you’re aiming to hit your target. Using the H-301 matte clear, the pearl effect will be more muted, but noticeable.

What type of pearl would you like to use today?

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