Flake Pearl Resources

Flake Pearl Resources:

We’re often asked how to use our flake or pearl in various applications. We have checked with the manufacturers in these industries to be sure that EVERYTHING we have works AMAZING! These include epoxy resin, Cerakote, powder coat, plasti-dip, liquid wrap, nail polish, cosmetics and even SLIME!

All of our metal flake and pearls are FDA approved and 100% non-toxic. While we’re not saying eat it. This means that your kids are safe playing with or even the occasional eating of this stuff without causing harm. In this Flake & Pearl Resources section of our website we’re going to post the recommendations for mixing our metal flake (more commonly known as glitter), color pearls, chameleon pearls (aka color shifts), unicorn pearls (aka supershifts or hypershifts), hallucination pearls (aka interference or ghost pearls) and delirium pearls (aka ice pearls) into the various industries.

Why should you trust our flake & pearl pigments?

  • Shelf Life. Metal flake & pearl pigments can last nearly forever if kept in a cool dry storage room.
  • Pigments will never freeze and gum up. Just mix them into a fresh clear and color match your project years later.
  • Color Matching. Use the same pearls in your paint, powder coat, or nail polish. You can even make your shoe paint to match your cars leather interior.
  • Having some extra pearls means you always have the exact color match from the same color lot, in case you need to do some repairs down the road.
  • The enormous amount of savings from buying your pigments separately can save thousands of dollars as opposed to buying pigments “already stirred in” to a paint.

Mixing with:

Epoxy Resin


Powder Coat

Plasti-dip & Liquid Wrap

Nail Polish


If you have any questions regarding these articles or whether or not these pigments will be compatible with your media, feel free to contact us.

flake pearl resources

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