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Crystal Mess – Crystal Paint Mask

A self-activated liquid crystal paint mask that works over a cleared surface that has been thoroughly sanded.  The ease of application and product uniqueness are due to the chemical makeup.

You can create a plethora of small, closely woven crystals by force drying or you can create larger crystals by air drying. A perfect complement to any of our other base coats or specialty additives. Combine with any Candy Concentrates for an unmatched vibrancy.

With this you also have the ability to determine the appearance or properties of your final crystal paint pattern based on your application methods.

Best part is, it’s non-toxic. Meaning, unlike competitor’s products such as Alsacorp, you don’t have to worry about anyone ingesting it or getting it on their skin.

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4oz bottle of crystal mess crystal paint mask

How is Crystal Mess applied?

Can be applied with a paint gun, clean rag/towel or even a standard squirt bottle.

Does it require heat to achieve results?

No. Works great with or without heat.

How long does it take for the crystals to form?

Will begin to achieve crystallization usually begin within 10-15 minutes at an average temp of 75-80° F.

How can I control the effect of the crystals?

By simply applying heat you can force the crystals to dry quickly, this will result in smaller finely woven crystals. While allowing them to air dry will produce large widely spaced crystals.

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