How To: Image Transfers on Custom Paint in 8 Simple Steps

Image Transfers On Custom Paint

Don’t want to watch the video? No problem we got you covered with this quick set of step by step instructions.

Step by Step Image Transfers On Custom Paint

  • Prep your painted surface (if it’s already been clear coated, sand with 500 grit)
  • Grab your waterslide decal paper for your printer
    • Use ink jet for ink jet printers, use laser for laser printers
    • Be careful, there are 2 types of paper as well, white & clear.
      • Clear = for light & white colored backgrounds
      • White = for dark colored backgrounds
  • Print your image onto the paper and cut out to fit the area of your project.
  • Soak the image in a bowl/pan of water. This will release the paper backing from the printed image.
  • Place the image down on the painted surface. Use wet towel to help to remove air bubbles & excess water.
  • Once all water has evaporated, mist 2-3 coats of intercoat clear on top to lock it down. You want mist coats so that the solvents don’t wrinkle the image.
  • Once that intercoat clear has flashed off for 20 minutes, spray 2-4 coats of 2k clear on top.
  • After allowing the 2k clear to fully dry, sand with 500 grit to continue your paint work. You have now completed image transfers on custom paint.
image transfers on custom paint
work done by: ig @customindustriesllc
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