Moonshine Still Copper 2K Urethane Cande – Copper Candy Paint


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Moonshine Still Copper Urethane Cande

Watch the copper candy paint color explode off the panel and take your project to a dramatic new level. Being transparent enables limitless color possibilities, magnifying any base coat or flake that it is placed over. Cande Shop Cande is incomparable to any other Candy on the market. No one can match the color intensity or durability. It will also stand the test of time as development has lead our Urethane Cande paint to be truly fade resistant. Get full color in less coats than any other kandy. This is a copper candy paint that replicates a penny. If you’d like a reduce & spray version of this color, try Moonshine Still Copper Cande.

In addition:
• Can be sprayed over the variety of base coats including our pearls & numerous flakes
• Use only the accompanying catalyst with Cande Shop Urethane Cande’s to ensure longevity


Mix Ratio:

Air Brush Application not recommended


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What’s the best basecoat?
Candy is transparent, so you want something for the sun/light to reflect off of. This would be any metallic or pearl base. Silver Surfer, Goldenrod, Silk White, Black Diamond are just some of the recommended bases for candy.
How long will it take to ship?
Almost all orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS or FedEx. Upon shipment, you will receive tracking number via email & text.
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