Holographic Gooch’s Beard Clippings – Silver Rainbow Long Strand Flake

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  Size: 0.004″ X 0.035″ long strand

  Tip Size: 1.4+

  Solvent & UV Resistant

  Temperature resistant to 375ºF

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Holographic Gooch’s Beard Clippings


goochs beard clippings flakeOur brand of metal flake that’s MADE IN USA. We partnered with Gooch Customs on this one to bring you an outstanding product that he loves. This isn’t your typical “metal flake” like that’s out on the market. This is cut into strands that are .035″ x .004″.

Gooch’s Beard Clippings are precision cut from a highly reflective film that is embossed and then metalized to bring out reflection of the gold surface. Gooch’s Beard Clippings can withstand temperatures up to 375° without loss of color or reflectivity. This makes it perfect for paint, nail polishes or even low temp powder coating. This temperature endurance, as well as Gooch’s Beard Clippings solvent and UV resistance makes it the perfect flake for your project, regardless of the industry.




Mix 1 8th into a reduced quart of Triple C Intercoat for best results. Leaving the flake flat and ready to be buried in Wetness clear.


  • Line = 5 Gram Sample
  • 8th = 2 oz (by weight)
  • Quarter = 4 oz (by weight)
  • Elbow = 1 lb

Reviews (42)

42 reviews for Holographic Gooch’s Beard Clippings – Silver Rainbow Long Strand Flake

  1. Andrew Finch (verified buyer)

    Killer over black!!

  2. Doug B. (verified buyer)

    Incredible! This cut and to give you more holographic effect than any other rainbow flake I’ve ever used. Combined with the fastest shipping around, you can’t beat it!

  3. Anonymous (verified buyer)

  4. terry krug (verified buyer)

    awesome color!

  5. Ray Ramirez Bueno (verified buyer)

    I can’t wait to use this goochs holo beard clippings, I know it’s going to be amazing.???

  6. Chad Bondurant (verified buyer)

    Far brighter and more vivid than other brands I have tried.

  7. Cassidy Hall (verified buyer)

    The fastest shipping EVER! Love this flake

  8. Robert Collard (verified buyer)

  9. Nick F. (verified buyer)

    Great seller, just as advertised, quick shipping

  10. Tyler S. (verified buyer)

  11. Daniel (verified buyer)

    Excellent product and fast shipping which got my business out of a bind – Thank you!

  12. Darrell K. (verified buyer)

    Nice Holo!!! Super Sparkly….!!!

  13. Kyle Lawrence (verified buyer)

  14. Kevin Wirtshafter (verified buyer)

  15. william roberson (verified buyer)

    beard clipping say no more

  16. Alfredo Naranjo (verified buyer)

    Awesome flake

  17. william roberson (verified buyer)

    Good product and color

  18. Darrell K. (verified buyer)

    Really Nice Flakes…!!!

  19. Jeff yorke (verified buyer)

  20. Jeffrey H. (verified buyer)

  21. Daniel Palumbo (verified buyer)

    Fantastic color, great quantity. Shipping was quick and expertly packaged.
    I will definitely be back for more once it’s warm enough to spray again.
    Thanks guys!

  22. Leroy Mendez jr (verified buyer)

    Love using this

  23. Isaac Almendarez (verified buyer)

  24. Bryan D. (verified buyer)

  25. Jason lambert (verified buyer)

  26. brian L. (verified buyer)


  27. Michael Gallo (verified buyer)

    This is a game changer for me! Great product!

  28. Pete Pasillas (verified buyer)

    First time I’ve used this particular product, it was PERFECT….gave me the effect I was looking for, customer is gonna love it ???

  29. Marcus McIntosh (verified buyer)

  30. Jim Klimovich (verified buyer)

  31. Jason Chrysler (verified buyer)

  32. DeVaughn W. (verified buyer)

    Amazing look and shine, lays very flat for a smooth finish.

  33. Chris Day (verified buyer)

    It’s an amazing flake! I don’t reccomend this for beginners though. Even with a 1.8 I had a lot of issues with the gun clogging.

    Image #1 from Chris Day
  34. Javier (verified buyer)

  35. Justin Parker (verified buyer)

  36. Rigoberto Martinez (verified buyer)

    My go to flake

  37. Ryan Borgheiinck (verified buyer)

  38. Melissa K. (verified buyer)

  39. Donnie E. (verified buyer)

  40. Jon Mayhew (verified buyer)

    The beard clippings were amazing.. painted the whole car and had over half of the container left

  41. Jordan Myers (verified buyer)

    This stuff blew my mind how good it looks. This photo is only 2 coats over a Deep Black base..

    Image #1 from Jordan Myers
  42. JJ Guidry (verified buyer)

    Gooch’s Beard Clippings is the way to go if you want to flake anything.

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Can you put metal flake in base coat?
You can, but it is not advised. If you're not using a .002" or .004" metal flake then you're going to create an issue where the base coat is very textured (orange peel). Since base coat is opaque (unable to see through), you're going to end up with metal flake that is hidden by the base coat. For maximum impact, it is best to spray metal flake over your base coat, before your clear.
Can you put metal flake in clear coat?
Yes you can. You just have to be more careful as you can run clear coat easier than you can run intercoat clear.
What do the sizes mean?

Line = 5 Gram Sample

8th = 2 oz = 56.7g (by weight)

Quarter = 4 oz = 113.4g (by weight)

Elbow = 1 lb = 453.6g 

How long will it take to ship?
Almost all orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS or FedEx. Upon shipment, you will receive tracking number via email & text.
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