Pineapple Cande – 24k Yellow Gold Candy


1:1 mix with Reducer & spray

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Pineapple Cande

Specially designed 24k yellow gold candy paint solely for projects that require vibrant candy color that lasts. If you are a color junkie and can’t get enough, try it.

In addition, Pineapple Cande:

• Sprays like a basecoat.

• Works perfect for motorcycles or small parts

• Great for airbrushing


*Pre-mixed with Triple C Intercoat Clear*


If you’d like a 2k urethane version of this color, try Pineapple Urethane Cande.



  • 1 part Cande to 1 parts Reducer (spray gun)
  • 1 part Cande to 2-3 parts Reducer (airbrush)


  • Allow 5-10 minutes flash between coats.
  • Allow 15-20 minutes dry time at 70°F before clearcoating.


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What’s the best basecoat?
Candy is transparent, so you want something for the sun/light to reflect off of. This would be any metallic or pearl base. Silver Surfer, Goldenrod, Silk White, Black Diamond are just some of the recommended bases for candy.
How long will it take to ship?
Almost all orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS or FedEx. Upon shipment, you will receive tracking number via email & text.

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