Ghost Pearl Sample Pack

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  • Includes 5g of each of the 15 ghost pearls we have
  • 5g makes 13oz of sprayable material


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Ghost Pearl Sample Pack

Includes 5g of each Ghost Pearls. That’s 15 unique color pearls in this sample pack. Each 5g bag is enough to make 13oz of full strength pearl coat. Of course getting the raw material gives you more control over how much pearl you actually use. The amount you use dictates how much of an effect you get. Of course you’ll need to use more over white/light colored base coat than you will over black/dark colored base coats.


  • Hallucination Blue
  • Hallucination Red
  • Hallucination Gold
  • Hallucination Violet
  • Hallucination Turquoise
  • Hallucination Copper
  • Hallucination Silver
  • Delirium Burple
  • Delirium Blue
  • Delirium Red
  • Delirium Gold
  • Delirium Violet
  • Delirium Green
  • Ice Cube
  • Ice



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