Flip Flop Paint: Comprehensive Buyer & Painter’s Guide

Flip Flop Paint or Chameleon Paint?

Chameleon paint colors are also referred to as “Flip Flop Paint” or “Color Changing Paint”.  That’s exactly what they do, flip flop between colors (or changes color depending on the angle and lighting conditions it’s viewed from).

How are they made?

phoenix rising chameleon paint over blue 350z driver side from front corner
Painted by: IG @sxmelll

Chameleon paints are created using a highly specialized pearl pigments. These pigments are made using either a base of mica or borosilicate. Titanium dioxide is added & then ‘baked’ to achieve the colors you see. These pigments in their raw form are powder. They are then added to a carrier to be sprayed on the car.

How to apply chameleon paint

A chameleon paint job is a 3 stage process where, typically, a solid color base coat is sprayed first, then the chameleon layer is sprayed next and then the clear is sprayed last. Try using them over any other colors. Create your own! Dare to be different. Especially with those ‘ghost’ or clear chameleons. Being clear they allow your base color to shine through. Giving you another color to the flop.

  1. Spray your base coat
    • Allow this base to dry for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Spray your chameleon coat
    • Keep gun 6-12″ away from the panel
    • Use 50% overlap like you would a base coat.
  3. Allow the chameleon coat to dry for 30-60 minutes.
  4. Spray your clear coat.

Isn’t flip-flop paint expensive?

purple skies chameleon pearl motorcycle

Chameleon paint job costs used to be incredibly expensive. They still can be, depending on if it’s mica or borosilicate based.

Material Cost:

  • Gallon of base coat – roughly $150+
  • Gallon of chameleon paint – $350+
  • 2 Gallons of reducer – $70+
  • Gallon kit of clear coat – $190+

So in total you’re looking around $760 or more. Depends upon the base coat color, which type of flip flop paint you like, what type of clear you’re using & how big your vehicle (or motorcycle) is. You’ll spend more than this on just the base coat & pearl for most OEM colors.

Borosilicate vs Mica: Mica is naturally mined from the earth. While borosilicate is man made from silica & boron trioxide. This gives them the added color flop that you see, but also comes at a more expensive price. Our Unicorn pearls are made from a borosilicate base, while the traditional chameleon pearls are made using the mica base.

So the next time someone asks where to get the BEST flip flop paint, you can tell them flipfloppaint.com

Phoenix Rising Over a Custom Blue

How does chameleon paint work?

Chameleon paint contains tiny pearl particles that reflect light differently depending on the angle. As the angle of view changes, the paint appears to shift between different colors.

What colors can chameleon paint shift between?

Chameleon paint can shift between a wide range of colors, depending on the specific formulation of the paint. Some popular color shifts include green to purple, blue to red, and gold to green.

What base coat color should I spray chameleon paint over?

If you want the colors of the pearl to be the only thing you see, then you would shoot it over black. If you’re looking to see the base coat color & then see the chameleon flops, you’ll spray it over your choice of colors.

How do I maintain chameleon paint?

Chameleon paint can be cleaned and maintained in the same way as regular paint. See our Custom Paint Maintenance Guide.

Is flip flop paint durable?

Flip flop paint is typically as durable as regular paint, but its longevity can depend on factors such as the quality of the paint, the surface it is applied to, and the amount of exposure to UV light and other environmental factors.

Can I mix flip flop paint with other colors?

It is generally not recommended to mix flip flop paint with other colors, as this can affect the color-shifting properties of the paint. It is best to use on its own for the most dramatic effect.

Where can I buy chameleon paint?

Glad you asked, Cande Shop has an ever-growing line of chameleon paint colors. Check them out at https://thecandeshop.com/chameleon-paint/

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