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Cande Shop Sticker Size: 3″ x 1.29″ diecut

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Cande Shop Sticker

A parody of the 90’s Miami Vice design, reminding you of the best decade & the go to site for the best refinishing products on the planet. Cande Shop

Size: 3″ x 1.29″ die cut thick, durable vinyl protects the sticker from scratches, water & sunlight. Each sticker is printed on a thick, durable vinyl with a matte finish-giving you a premium look & feel.


These are included free with each order. Slap them on anything, be sure to send us pictures/videos of them slapped for a chance to be featured on our social media pages.

Reviews (179)

179 reviews for Cande Shop Sticker

  1. Leonard Harper (verified buyer)

  2. Ricardo Lopez (verified buyer)

  3. Chris Wooten (verified buyer)

  4. Dennis R. (verified buyer)

    Thank you for everything

  5. Anonymous (verified buyer)

  6. Eldon Brown (verified buyer)

  7. Rob H. (verified buyer)

  8. William Brown (verified buyer)

  9. Rigoberto Martinez (verified buyer)

  10. Marilyn Steadham (verified buyer)

  11. Raymond Obrien (verified buyer)

  12. Jordan M. (verified buyer)

    High quality and super vibrant colors. Well done!

  13. Greg G. (verified buyer)

  14. James G. (verified buyer)

  15. Marvin (verified buyer)

  16. Corcedric L. (verified buyer)

  17. Colton Karl (verified buyer)

  18. Greg Groesbeck (verified buyer)

  19. Crystal Zarate (verified buyer)

  20. Rick Corgan (verified buyer)

  21. craig stout (verified buyer)

  22. Bailey Clinard (verified buyer)

  23. Jason Cox (verified buyer)

  24. Brandon B. (verified buyer)

    Great sticker for my toolbox!

  25. Logan Pegler (verified buyer)

  26. Christopher Day (verified buyer)

  27. Patrick Durham (verified buyer)

  28. DOUG DOWD (verified buyer)

  29. Jamontae Clark (verified buyer)

  30. Tyler S. (verified buyer)

  31. Anne J. (verified buyer)

  32. Tom Czinger (verified buyer)

  33. Aaron Ledford (verified buyer)

  34. Raymond Obrien (verified buyer)

  35. Alexander S. (verified buyer)

  36. Michael Stallworth (verified buyer)

  37. Michael Hagans (verified buyer)

  38. Michael Hagans (verified buyer)

  39. Derek Heredia (verified buyer)

  40. Mike S. (verified buyer)

  41. Jānis A. (verified buyer)

  42. Mike Markstaller (verified buyer)

  43. Stuart French (verified buyer)

  44. Lee Callaway (verified buyer)

  45. Mike Allen (verified buyer)

  46. Eldon (verified buyer)

    It’s cool 😎

  47. Marvin B. (verified buyer)

  48. Anonymous (verified buyer)

    I love Cande Shop and have been very satisfied with their products through the last few years I’ve been using them. Carl is very helpful and knowledgeable when and if I ever have any questions. Thanks Cande Shop!

  49. Joey Carpio (verified buyer)

  50. SHANE F. (verified buyer)

  51. Christopher Day (verified buyer)

  52. Christopher Day (verified buyer)

  53. Steven Rich (verified buyer)

    On my tool box

  54. Rob Harding (verified buyer)

  55. Eric Foote (verified buyer)

  56. Brandon Zook (verified buyer)

  57. Jordan Myers (verified buyer)

  58. Nicholas Cavallo (verified buyer)

  59. Nick Cavallo (verified buyer)

  60. Steve Winn (verified buyer)


  61. Greg Groesbeck (verified buyer)

  62. Robert Smith (verified buyer)

  63. Tom Czinger (verified buyer)

  64. Jonathan (verified buyer)

  65. John Pascale (verified buyer)

  66. rob harding (verified buyer)

  67. Benjamin B. (verified buyer)

    Always nice to get a sticker for your tool box. Pleasant surprise.

  68. Bailey Clinard (verified buyer)

  69. Matthew U. (verified buyer)

  70. Bailey Clinard (verified buyer)

  71. Steven Rich (verified buyer)

    Great sticker

  72. Jonathan (verified buyer)

  73. Mel (verified buyer)

  74. Cheyenne Dishman (verified buyer)

  75. Keon Mcleod (verified buyer)

  76. Steve W. (verified buyer)

  77. Morgan (verified buyer)

  78. Joel Luttrell (verified buyer)

  79. Rex Williams (verified buyer)

  80. Michael Beheler (verified buyer)

  81. James Crafton (verified buyer)

  82. Hosea Franklin (verified buyer)

  83. Sergio R. (verified buyer)

  84. Jamie W. (verified buyer)

  85. J Crooks (verified buyer)

  86. Misael Zaldivar (verified buyer)

  87. SHANE F. (verified buyer)

  88. Martin B. (verified buyer)

    Sensational Lol!

    Image #1 from Martin B.
  89. Jonathan (verified buyer)

  90. shane f. (verified buyer)

  91. Javier Rivera (verified buyer)

  92. Bob D. (verified buyer)

  93. Josh (verified buyer)

  94. Jeffrey K. (verified buyer)

    It’s another sticker. They charge three bucks, but they discount three bucks on your order so it was free. Haven’t found a spot for it yet, my fridges and toolbox drawers are already covered.

  95. Forrest Hodge (verified buyer)

  96. Jordan Myers (verified buyer)

  97. Michael Wolthusen (verified buyer)

  98. Norbert (verified buyer)

    Free sticker

  99. Patrick Quick (verified buyer)

  100. Karen medcoff (verified buyer)

  101. Eric Foote (verified buyer)

  102. Hugo Sanchez (verified buyer)

    I like

    Image #1 from Hugo Sanchez
  103. Hosea Franklin (verified buyer)

  104. Tobby Allen Sr (verified buyer)

    Image #1 from Tobby Allen Sr
    Image #2 from Tobby Allen Sr
  105. Jennifer Sharp-Lynch (verified buyer)

  106. John Duarte (verified buyer)

  107. Colton (verified buyer)

  108. Edward cisler (verified buyer)

  109. Lonnie Timmons (verified buyer)

  110. Jim Crafton (verified buyer)

  111. Chrisner (verified buyer)

  112. Eric Foote (verified buyer)

  113. Bruce Repsold (verified buyer)

  114. Tyrone T. (verified buyer)

  115. angel v. (verified buyer)

  116. Kevin M Holmes (verified buyer)

    Paid $3, did not want, did not order, will not use !

  117. Verified Buyer (verified buyer)

  118. Robert Castillo (verified buyer)

  119. Robert Castillo Jr (verified buyer)

  120. James H Garza (verified buyer)

  121. hugo sanchez (verified buyer)

    Image #1 from hugo sanchez
  122. Marcus McIntosh (verified buyer)

  123. Lee Callaway (verified buyer)

  124. Jordan Myers (verified buyer)

  125. Mike Allen (verified buyer)

  126. Lydia Sanchez (verified buyer)

  127. Marcus McIntosh (verified buyer)

  128. Martin B. (verified buyer)

  129. JOHN D. (verified buyer)

  130. hugo sanchez (verified buyer)


  131. John K. (verified buyer)

  132. Travis F. (verified buyer)

  133. Tommy Mayne (verified buyer)

  134. Melissa C. (verified buyer)

  135. John Kostoff (verified buyer)

  136. John Kostoff (verified buyer)

  137. Stephen Porter (verified buyer)

  138. matthew L. (verified buyer)

    Thank you!

  139. Reggie Buycks (verified buyer)

  140. Kevin W. (verified buyer)

  141. hugo sanchez (verified buyer)

    Cool to support a good company

    Image #1 from hugo sanchez
  142. John Kostoff (verified buyer)

  143. Brooker Loadholt (verified buyer)

  144. Thomas Watson (verified buyer)

  145. Mark Buzie (verified buyer)

  146. Thomas P. (verified buyer)

  147. Thomas P. (verified buyer)

  148. Thomas P. (verified buyer)

  149. James Molenda (verified buyer)

  150. Jordan Myers (verified buyer)

    Image #1 from Jordan Myers
  151. Paul K. (verified buyer)

  152. Cory L. (verified buyer)

  153. Jacob L. (verified buyer)

  154. John Schmittou (verified buyer)

  155. Greg Groesbeck (verified buyer)

  156. Richard A Jones (verified buyer)

    Nice logo

  157. Thomas P. (verified buyer)

  158. Kirk Hooks (verified buyer)

  159. Martin Hodgson (verified buyer)

    My Monte had a discontinued House Of Kolor Kandy color (UK17 over BC03) aka Violette, no one online had this paint anymore and I was devastated! I found this place and got the Funky Fuchsia 2K Urethane Cande and prayed for the best, and wala – This guy is a blessing and the answer to my prayers, my show car is now whole again and I am busting with joy, I cannot say thank you enough!!! FYI, when putting the paint down, 2 color coats + the HOK galaxy grey shimrin base did the trick to get that swatch color they shows on their site…

  160. Jason Cox (verified buyer)

    Super nice

  161. Jason Cox (verified buyer)

    Vary good.
    I’ll use it again.

  162. Aaron Laughlin (verified buyer)

    Cool sticker

  163. hugo sanchez (verified buyer)

    I’m extremely satisfied with the whole experience

    Image #1 from hugo sanchez
    Image #2 from hugo sanchez
  164. John Jones (verified buyer)

  165. richard k. (verified buyer)


  166. hugo sanchez (verified buyer)

    nice to advertise the cande shop

    Image #1 from hugo sanchez
  167. James (verified buyer)

  168. Tom Czinger (verified buyer)

  169. Christopher Merkley (verified buyer)

  170. Kristin Sampson (verified buyer)

    The extra sticker that was added plus the candy was a perfect touch and just asures you they really care and take time to package your order.

    Image #1 from Kristin Sampson
  171. christopher merkley (verified buyer)

    Who doesn’t love a good sticker!

  172. Colby Stacey (verified buyer)

  173. JJ Guidry (verified buyer)

    The wife loves the colors.

  174. Arthur (verified buyer)

  175. Shawn H. (verified buyer)

  176. JUSTIN P. (verified buyer)

  177. John Bellair (verified buyer)

    Bonus! 😜

  178. Rob D. (verified buyer)

  179. Shawn B. (verified buyer)


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