Pennywise the Clown (It) Skateboard


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Pennywise the Clown skateboard wall art


  • This is a deck only. You will need to provide your own riser, wheels, trucks and grip tape or wall mounts.


Artwork done by Cande Man

House of Kolor root beer kandy

Cande Shop Triple C intercoat

Cande Shop Wetness 4136 Clear

Variegated Leaf

Alphanamel red pinstripe


  • 100% 7-ply Canadian Maple
  • Nice medium concave shape
  • Slightly more concave in the nose and tail for a little extra pop.
  • A very strong board that holds shape for a long time.
  • These decks are pressed in Asia and are great for beginner and intermediate riders.
  • SIZE:  8.25″ x 31.875″



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