The Shocking Truth About Pearl Basecoats

Pearl Basecoats

When you hear the words pearl basecoat, you’re thinking “Hey it’s a basecoat that I can spray right over my primer/sealer.” In all actuality, most of the time it’s not. When you start to use the Formula tab of House of Kolor’s website, you see exactly what they’ve been doing. Selling you powder pearls mixed with a base maker. Some others are base loaded with pearl, check the formula yourself.

Take for example PBC44 Snow White Pearl, it’s simply DP24 (dry pearl alabaster white) and S2-00 (trans nebulae). Now when you look at their formula page for PBC44, you’ll see they tell you to spray it over their S2-26. That is their bright white base coat.

pearl basecoats pbc44 mix formula

So why are they called pearl basecoats when in reality they are just a pearl mid-coat?

Well that is up to which salesman you ask. Some of those PBC’s include some base coat.

Now that you know this information, you can create your own pearl basecoats using your favorite powdered pearls.

If you’d like to have one that’s ready to reduce & spray

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