Nissan’s Midnight Purple: The Legendary Color That Vanished

Midnight Purple got it’s start in 1995 with the paint code LP2 Deep Metallic Purple. Since then not only has it grown in popularity, it has taken on a massive overhaul. When LV4 was introduced in 1999. It was originally used on the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, which was only sold in Japan at the time. The color was initially called “Midnight Purple II” and was only available as an option on the V-Spec version of the car.

The color became extremely popular among car enthusiasts and was widely praised for its deep, rich, and complex tone. In response to this demand, Nissan began offering the color on other models as well, such as the Silvia and the Stagea. Over time, the name of the color was changed to “Midnight Purple III,” and it became available on more Nissan models.

The production of the Midnight Purple color was limited, and it was only available for a few years. According to GTR Registry, there were only 282 V-Spec & 65 GT-R models made. This rarity, combined with the color’s striking appearance, has made it highly sought after among car collectors and enthusiasts. Today, Nissan Midnight Purple is considered a classic color and is seen as one of the most iconic paint options in Nissan’s history.

Midnight Purple: LP2

nissan z32 midnight purple

While commonly referred to as the original Midnight Purple, Nissan specified it as Deep Purple Metallic. Between 1995 & 1996, Nissan only produced 316 Z32’s in this color. It was primarily a dark purple color with highlights of a pinkish-purple hue. While in the low light, it would seem black.

blackberry pearl coat mazda miata passenger rear quarter panel view

Cande Shop Blackberry

Blackberry strikes an extremely close resemblance to this color.

Midnight Purple II: LV4

midnight purple ii r34 nissan skyline
1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34) – Photo credit: Bring a Trailer

The exact composition of Nissan’s Midnight Purple II paint color is not publicly disclosed, but it is generally described as a very deep and rich shade of purple that appears to shift from green to purple to red & orange depending on the lighting and viewing angle.

In different lighting conditions, it may appear as a dark purple with hints of blue, or a rich eggplant purple with reddish hues. The color is achieved by combining several layers of paint, including a base coat, mid-coat, and clear coat, and the final result is a highly reflective and lustrous finish.

Some experts have speculated that the color may contain small amounts of red, blue, and black pigments to achieve its distinctive hue, but this information has not been confirmed by Nissan.

mystical sage chameleon paint spray out over deep black base

Cande Shop Midnight Purple II

The Midnight Purple II kit from Cande Shop, is “an exact match” according to many Nissan enthusiasts.

Midnight Purple III: LX0

nissan r34 midnight purple iii

Similar to Midnight Purple II, the exact composition of Nissan’s Midnight Purple III paint color is not publicly disclosed, but it is generally described as a deep, rich shade of purple with color-shifting properties.

Midnight Purple III features a more bluish tint than its predecessor and also includes a subtle gold or bronze-like metallic flake, which gives the color a unique and eye-catching appearance. Depending on the lighting conditions, the color may appear as a deep violet or a rich blue-purple, with highlights of gold or bronze.

Like Midnight Purple II, the production of Midnight Purple III was limited and is considered a rare and highly sought-after color. It was first introduced in 2001 and was available on a limited number of Nissan models, including the Skyline (only 66 R34 GT-R & 133 R34 V-Spec featured the color from the factory), Stagea, and 350Z. The exact composition of the paint color is known only to Nissan and has not been publicly disclosed. Nissan’s Midnight Purple III paint color was discontinued in 2002 (along with the R34 Skyline) after being available for only a short period of time.

In recent years, Nissan has revived the Midnight Purple color for special editions. For instance, the 2021 and 2024 GT-R T-Spec models featured updated versions of Midnight Purple, showcasing Nissan’s continued appreciation of its heritage colors. The latest versions incorporate more modern hues, blending the classic purple with darker blue and green tones to fit contemporary aesthetics​ (SlashGear)​​ (Hagerty Cars)​.

  • nissan midnight purple 3 s14 driver front view
  • purple skies chameleon pearl carbon fiber
  • 1976 porsche 911 painted in nissan midnight purple 3 paint made by cande shop
  • video thumbnail purple skies ej powered porsche 911 @ sema 2022 midnight purple 3
  • purple skies chameleon pearl motorcycle
  • midnight purple 3 nissan 370z
  • purple skies chameleon paint spray out over black

Cande Shop Midnight Purple III

The Midnight Purple III kit from Cande Shop, is “an exact match” according to many Nissan enthusiasts.

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Painted by: IG @quality_custom_rides

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