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House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear

The finest Klear House of Kolor has ever produced. Using state of the art polymer technology, we have developed a klear with excellent chemical, fuel, and water resistance. House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear has increased UV blocking capability when compared to standard automotive clear products. This is especially important when finishing Kandy, Basecoats, and specialty products. House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear spraying at over 40% volume solids, it offers users excellent flow out, gloss, and D.O.I. (Distinctness of Image). House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear can be used on all size vehicles from large trucks to compact cars, resulting in the show ready finish that House of Kolor users crave. Cut, Buff, and Polishing has never been easier or faster. House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear is the ideal klear coat for you and your pursuit of excellence. USC01 Kosmic Show Klear meets all VOC rules and regulations, Coast to Coast, including California.


ONLY USE KU152 CATALYST WITH House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear.

• All catalyst including KU152 are moisture sensitive and will not keep for long periods open. Keep the container tightly sealed. Clean the catalyst container’s pour spout by wiping the threads with reducer for ease of reopening.
• House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear is new technology and it’s mixing ratio is different from all of our other klears. Please be mind- ful of this. DO NOT OVER CATALYZE. (3 parts Klear, 1 part KU152 catalyst, 1 part RU reducer)
• Over Spray from any catalyzed products may lift when base coats are applied. Mask carefully to prevent this over spray when painting door jambs, etc.


• All House of Kolor Products
NOTE: Please refer to individual product tech sheets for proper system applications

• Properly cured and prepared OEM finishes


  • USC01 – House of Kolor Show Klear
  • KU152 – Kosmic Exempt Catalyst


Optional: To above mixtures

  • Add AX02 at 5% max. per ready-to-spray quart
  • Add KE170 at 0.1 ozs. max. per ready-to-spray quart
  • For extra flow out, add up to 5% of any RU Reducer per mixed quart of klear. Low VOC areas may use Std RU Reducers for this 5% add, ONLY if the optional LV Exempt/RU Std Series blend was not used, otherwise you are only allowed to use RU300 or 301.


90 minutes depending on shop conditions. The addition of AX02 will shorten pot life to 60 minutes or less based on conditions.


Apply 1 medium coat and allow to flash 15-20 minutes or till hand slick, followed by 2 medium wet coats allowing to flash 20 – 30 minutes between coats. Shop conditions, air flow, and reducer used will vary flash times. To ensure maximum performance, use the “hand slick” method of monitoring the finish between coats. The hand slick method goes a step beyond the touch test method and is achieved by gently swiping finger over clear to monitor readiness for next coat.

NOTE: House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear is a higher flowing clear that requires the user to use the hand slick method to prevent runs and solvent popping.

DO NOT rush your recoat time between coats. You could experience solvent popping.

When applying House of Kolor USC01 Show Klear directly over UK Kandy’s, the first coat should be applied medium wet.

Dry time lengthens with each coat.

Only mix enough for each individual coat.


  • Air dry at 70°F = 24 hours
  • Air dry at 70°F with AX02 added at 5% of mix = 4 hours
  • Force dry at 140°F = Allow the finish to flash 30 minutes, bake time should be 30 minutes at 140F, 30 minute cool down.

NOTE: Based upon weather conditions, number of coats, solvent speed, and flash time between coats, etc., it is not unusual for the Klear to remain soft for extended periods of time. This does not mean the finish is uncured; it indicates the finish is holding solvents and will need additional time to fully harden.



After clear coats have been cured overnight (12-24 hours), color sand wet (PLEASE REFER TO SANDING GRIT RECOMMENDATIONS FOR URETHANE CLEARS). Add a small amount of mild liquid detergent to the water and soak the sandpaper for 15-20 minutes. This prevents sandpaper loading. Sand the entire vehicle flat, leaving no glossy spots. Dry as you go, so soap residue doesn’t
bite the fresh paint. After sanding, wipe the vehicle with a clean rag and water. Wipe dry. Use a tack rag to remove lint before

NOTE: Avoid touching the vehicle with your bare hands as the oil from your skin may impair flow coats.
CAUTION: DO NOT SAND THROUGH THE CLEAR AND RUIN ALL YOU’VE DONE. Look for colored water, this will indicate you sanded through the clear.


After color sanding, re-clear using 2-4 ounces of extra RU reducer per mixed quart of clear. The additional reducer will give you ex-
tra flow out. Begin with a medium coat followed by 1-2 medium wet coats following “hand slick” method for measuring flash times between coats as outlined in APPLICATION directions above. For NATIONAL RULE use RU310, RU311, RU312 or RU313. For LOW VOC, use RU300 or RU301.

NOTE: With this method, polishing is not required unless you desire a show quality finish, or to remove minor dirt particles. FINISHING AND POLISHING

• In a 70°F shop, allow 24 hours for dry time before polishing.
• In a 70°F shop, allow 4-6 hours if using AX02. Buffing within 24 hours is recommended when using AX02.

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