Unveiling the Beauty of Ford’s White Platinum Pearl (Code UG)

When it comes to car paint, since 2009, Ford’s White Platinum Pearl (Paint Code UG) stands out as a stunning option that adds a touch of elegance to any vehicle. This exquisite color not only boasts a brilliant pearl finish but also incorporates a unique feature – the use of a white toner to counteract the potential yellowing effect of the pearl over white base coats. In this blog post, we’ll dive into Ford’s White Platinum Pearl paint, exploring its characteristics, the science behind the pearl effect, and how the inclusion of a white toner sets it apart.

lincoln mkt white platinum pearl
lincoln mkt white platinum pearl

The Allure of White Platinum Pearl

White Platinum Pearl (UG) is a premium paint option offered by Ford (for an additional $795) that has gained immense popularity among car enthusiasts for its luxurious appearance. It’s characterized by a lustrous pearl finish, which imparts a multi-dimensional depth and iridescence to the paint, making it appear exceptionally sophisticated and captivating. The combination of white and pearl creates a mesmerizing play of light and color on the surface of the vehicle, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The Science of Pearl Paint

To understand the unique charm of White Platinum Pearl, it’s essential to explore the science behind pearl paints. Unlike standard solid colors, pearl paints incorporate small, light-reflecting particles that are scattered throughout the paint. These particles create an effect where the color appears to change as you view it from different angles, giving the paint a pearl-like sheen.

This effect is achieved by adding mica or aluminum particles to the paint formulation. These particles interfere with the way light waves interact with the surface, causing them to refract and create the pearlescent effect. The size and shape of these particles play a crucial role in determining the intensity of the pearl effect.

Challenges with Pearl Over White

While pearl paints are undeniably beautiful, they present a unique challenge when applied over white base coats. Over time, the pearl layer can develop a yellowish tint, which can significantly diminish the elegance of the paint job. This yellowing effect is a result of the natural aging and exposure to environmental elements, and it is more noticeable when the base coat is white.

Ford’s Ingenious Solution

To combat the yellowing issue, Ford employs an ingenious solution in the White Platinum Pearl (UG) paint code. They start with the white sparkle pearl and incorporate a tiny bit of white toner into the formula, counteracting the potential yellowing of the pearl layer over the white base coat.

The white toner acts as a stabilizing agent, preventing the yellowing effect from becoming apparent. It effectively neutralizes the color changes that typically occur due to aging and environmental factors. As a result, the White Platinum Pearl maintains its pristine appearance and luxurious sheen for a longer period, preserving the elegance of the vehicle.

ford white platinum pearl paint formula

Why White Platinum Pearl is Special

White Platinum Pearl (UG) is special not only for its stunning appearance but also for the thoughtful engineering that goes into its formula. The addition of the white toner is a testament to Ford’s commitment to delivering a premium and enduring paint option. It’s a perfect choice for those who want a luxurious, pearl finish without the worry of unsightly yellowing over time.

ford f150 white platinum pearl
ford f150 white platinum pearl


Ford’s White Platinum Pearl (Paint Code UG) is a testament to the art and science of automotive paint. Its brilliant pearl finish, enhanced by the inclusion of a white toner, sets it apart from standard pearl paints. By counteracting the yellowing effect that can occur over white base coats, White Platinum Pearl offers a long-lasting, elegant appearance that captivates and retains its beauty. If you’re in the market for a car that exudes sophistication and timeless charm, consider the allure of Ford’s White Platinum Pearl.

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