Fish Scales Stencil

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  • 0.5” (22 stencils per pack)
  • 0.75″ (22 stencils per pack)
  • 1″ (18 stencils per pack)
  • 1.25″ (14 stencils per pack)
  • 1.5″ (14 stencils per pack)
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Fish Scales Stencil

Fish scale pattern airbrush sticky stencil cut from Oracal 813 paint mask.

Each stencil is roughly 8″ long (see below for how many fishscales airbrush sticky stencils come in each pack) is perfect for all those small projects, including tumblers, skateboards, helmets, gas tanks or even fairings.

You pull a strip, stick it down airbrush over it, pick it up and re-use it to complete your pattern.


The sizes of fish scales stencil are

  • 0.5” (22 stencils per pack)
  • 0.75″ (22 stencils per pack)
  • 1″ (18 stencils per pack)
  • 1.25″ (14 stencils per pack)
  • 1.5″ (14 stencils per pack)


It is recommended that you use a new strip for a new project.

Reviews (33)

33 reviews for Fish Scales Stencil

  1. Elise Neske (verified buyer)

  2. Steven M. (verified buyer)

    All of these stencils make custom paint an easier process! They are a huge time saver!

  3. Chad B. (verified buyer)

  4. William R. (verified buyer)

  5. Ron F. (verified buyer)

    Really nice products and super customer service! Will definitely buy from again!

  6. Chad Bondurant (verified buyer)

  7. Robert D. (verified buyer)

    Classic scales, well done as always high quality

  8. James Hernandez (verified buyer)

  9. Lucas Armstrong (verified buyer)

  10. George Hilliker (verified buyer)

  11. Frank Patterson (verified buyer)

  12. Walter Czwalina (verified buyer)

  13. David Carpenter (verified buyer)

  14. Tate Childe (verified buyer)

  15. Jason renteria (verified buyer)

  16. Shane (verified buyer)

    It’s great. Great products. I’ll definitely buy from the Candy Shop again.

  17. Dan W. (verified buyer)

  18. Anonymous (verified buyer)

  19. Douglas Carmen (verified buyer)

  20. Craig D. (verified buyer)

  21. Ken Keeton (verified buyer)

    I’ve been trying to do scales for awhile made my own stencils tried some others but these are sick they make it much easier and better looking then I was doing with some more practice I’ll be ready to put some scales on all kinds of stuff

  22. Dylan Y. (verified buyer)

  23. Anonymous (verified buyer)

    Customer service is excellent very helpful in navigating me through 1st order. 6cisco7_rollerzonly_sd

  24. Mitchell O. (verified buyer)

  25. Billy Stafford (verified buyer)

  26. Michael (verified buyer)

  27. Jason Lambert (verified buyer)

  28. Chris Potter (verified buyer)

  29. Cary Newbigging (verified buyer)

  30. Dennis R. (verified buyer)

    Great product

  31. Jason Lambert (verified buyer)

  32. Cheyenne Dishman (verified buyer)

  33. Patrick Quick (verified buyer)

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