Outrageous Ecstasy Emerald Green


Mix 1:1 with Reducer & Spray
Top coat clear ready in 20 minutes

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Ecstasy Emerald Green

Provides the latest development in color shift technology. Ecstasy Emerald Green color allow cars to appear green, teal, blue or purple all at once, actually changing hues as you move around the vehicle. Now spectacular color effects are possible, bringing a revolution to the world of custom finishes & restyling.

Ecstasy pigments do not absorb but reflect and transmit light, thus creating color by interference, much like a soap bubble. The transparency of Ecstasy pigments play an important role on the color of the ground coat, on dark, especially black ground coats a distinct color can be perceived which travels with the viewing angle.

In contrast, the light colored ground coats produce a sparkling effect with a very subtle color travel. This is because the ground coat reflects most of the incoming light. Typically it requires 1-2 light coats to achieve the light coat effect, or apply 3-4 coats to achieve maximum effect.



  • 1 part Pearl BaseCoat to 1 parts Reducer (spray gun)
  • 1 part Pearl BaseCoat to 3 parts Reducer (airbrush)


  • Allow 5-10 minutes flash between coats.
  • Allow 15-20 minutes dry time at 70°F before clearcoating.

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