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Crystal Mess

A self-activated crystallized paint mask that works over a cleared surface that has been thoroughly sanded.  The ease of application and product uniqueness are due to the chemical makeup.

You can create a plethora of small, closely woven crystals by force drying or you can create larger crystals by air drying. A perfect complement to any of our other base coats or specialty additives. Combine Crystal Mess with any Cande for an unmatched vibrancy.

With this you also have the ability to determine the appearance or properties of your final pattern based on your application methods for example:

  • Intricate Swirled Patterns

Achieve this look of a really tight “swirled” crystal pattern by “scuffing” your intercoat or clearcoat in a “swirling” motion.

  • Web Patterns

Achieve this look by “scuffing” your intercoat or clear coat in an X pattern.


  • Straight Patterns

Achieve this look by “scuffing” your intercept or clear coat in a straight line motion.



You can create a plethora of small, closely woven crystals by force drying or you can create larger crystals by air drying.

Crystal Mess is a crystallized paint mask, perfect complement to any basecoats or specialty additives. Combine with any of candy concentrates for an unmatched vibrancy. With this you also have the ability to determine the appearance or properties of your final pattern based on your application methods.

Ready to Spray

How To (Application Guide):

  1. Prep and paint the surface with your choice of single stage or 2 stage (Base-Clear) paint.
  2. Let the primary clear cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions and sand it with 400-600 grit wet/dry sand paper.
  3. Wash with soap and water and let it air dry.
  4. Can be applied by pouring or spraying the solution onto the surface.
  5. Allow to air dry or force dry for smaller more tightly woven crystal effect.
  6. Now apply your contrasting color (the color that will be shown through the spaces in the crystals). Apply this coat in a light dusting action. (over reduce the paint a little more than normal.) Allow this layer to fully dry.
  7. Scrub off the crystals with water & a grey scotchbrite. This will leave you with very pronounced crystal design. Allow any excess water to dry.
  8. Apply any high quality topcoats.
  9. *** Dry times at 77ºF


Due to the inability of Cande Shop to anticipate or control conditions whereby Cande Shop products will be employed, I do not represent or guarantee that any Cande Shop product is fit for a particular purpose. Cande Shop products should be tested by users to determine suitability for a particular purpose. Cande Shop disclaims responsibility for claims and damages beyond replacement of any defective Cande Shop product. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face here of.

Reviews (35)

35 reviews for Crystal Mess

  1. STEVE DONOVAN (verified buyer)

    Fast shipping. Great to deal with.

  2. Eric (verified buyer)

  3. jason beenken (verified buyer)

    super simple to use. phenomenal shipping

  4. Aymen Yaqoob (verified buyer)

  5. Anonymous (verified buyer)

  6. David Z. (verified buyer)

  7. Daniel (verified buyer)

    Good quality and I’m all about the small independent companies! More should buy from them! Great products! I just painted my guitar, sea glass green base crystal mess the. Black. I used your hallucination pearl. Turned my black a metallic forest kind of green. Love it!

  8. Tate Childe (verified buyer)

  9. Joseph (verified buyer)

    Ok product, didn’t perform as well as I thought it would!

  10. Kevin Wirtshafter (verified buyer)

    Love this stuff. I’m the lead painter for a well known baseball bat manufacturer. I’ve been looking for ways to expand our market. Crystal Mess is an instant hit when anyone sees the effect it creates.

  11. Robert Elliott (verified buyer)

  12. Brittany Goerzen (verified buyer)

  13. Jeff yorke (verified buyer)

    Very cool product and simple to use…

  14. Leroy Mendez jr (verified buyer)

  15. eric gilnack (verified buyer)

    makes awesome designs

  16. Mark c. (verified buyer)

  17. Marcus McIntosh (verified buyer)

  18. Lenny Scarola (verified buyer)

    Great quality, realistic price points and overall fantastic products.

  19. Brett (verified buyer)

  20. Jason C. (verified buyer)

  21. Shane Jeffrey (verified buyer)

    Products are amazing. I would like to be able to track my package a little better. Other wise all around great people to work with. The candy always help too.

  22. Chris Wooten (verified buyer)

  23. Rigoberto Martinez (verified buyer)

  24. Aaron Ledford (verified buyer)

    I can’t for the life of me get this stuff to work correctly. I bought 2 bottles to experiment with one. I ran through the first bottle on about 10 experiments just to get it to crystallize. No matter how clean, or how many types of freshly painted / sanded substrates. Following directions to a Tee. I even shook the material for 5 minutes as recommended.

    Any suggestions? I feel like I’m failing some school of thought. Side note… I have 25 years of commercial, residential, Industrial and sign painting experience, point being that I’m not a new hand in the paint world when it comes to prep.

  25. Carl Anderson (store manager)

    There shouldn’t be any reason it doesn’t work if you followed the TDS sheet that is included in each purchase. The most common causes of failure is from people not allowing the material to completely dry before applying a base coat on top. If you aren’t allowing Crystal Mess to completely dry before applying a top coat, then it will result in water drops.

  26. Michael Hagans (verified buyer)

  27. Anonymous (verified buyer)

    Never could get this to do what it is claimed to do

  28. Carl Anderson (store manager)

    The product includes a TDS sheet that details exactly how to use it. Before spraying anything on top of it, it MUST BE FULLY DRY. This can take minutes to hours, depending upon your climate. Sorry that you couldn’t get it to work or reach out before leaving negative reviews.

  29. Roland Daley (verified buyer)

  30. Patrick Napolitano (verified buyer)

  31. Chris Ricci (verified buyer)


  32. Derek (verified buyer)

  33. Jordan Myers (verified buyer)

    Works well indoors, but as per Cande Shop’s instructions not in high humidity.

  34. Nicholas Cavallo (verified buyer)

    Awesome very easy to use!

    Image #1 from Nicholas Cavallo
    Image #2 from Nicholas Cavallo
    Image #3 from Nicholas Cavallo
  35. Jim Crafton (verified buyer)

  36. Tom Czinger (verified buyer)

  37. Justin P. (verified buyer)

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How long will it take to ship?
Almost all orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS or FedEx. Upon shipment, you will receive tracking number via email & text.
How is Crystal Mess applied?
Can be applied with a paint gun, clean rag/towel or even a standard squirt bottle.
Does it require heat to achieve results?
No. Works great with or without heat.
How long does it take for the crystals to form?
Will begin to achieve crystallization usually begin within 10-15 minutes at an average temp of 75-80° F.
How can I control the effect of the crystals?
By simply applying heat you can force the crystals to dry quickly, this will result in smaller finely woven crystals. While allowing them to air dry will produce large widely spaced crystals.
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