One of the most commonly asked questions is “How much does a candy paint job cost?”

It’s impossible to predict a candy paint job cost. With a lot of variables, such as size of the vehicle, type of clear you’re going to use and the condition of your vehicle. Rest assured we’re here to help you get this answer because you deserve to have a candy paint job that lasts forever.

oldsmobile cutlass in green candy paint job cost
oldsmobile cutlass green candy paint

The common materials needed are:


This is going to seal the car, providing a surface for all layers to adhere to.


To reduce the primer, base and possibly the candy to make it sprayable.

Base Coat

Your metallic or pearl base coat that provides the sparkle/shimmer under your candy layer.

Get Base Coat


Your transparent color that provides the end color while giving you the depth.

Clear Coat

The last layer. To protect that valuable paint job.

grape cande over nanite silver harley bagger
sprayed by: IG @danbrownpaintworks
cranberry cande harley bagger
sprayed by: IG

If you ask Google “how much for a candy paint job?” the first result is from Quora telling you “It is expensive. Really expensive.”

With Cande Shop products, this is simply not true. In fact, for a mid-size sedan or SUV, you can get all the materials for under $1050. There’s factory color base coats out there that cost more than that.

As you can see we aren’t here just to help you learn about your candy paint job cost, but also to save you money on an exceptional paint job.

Dare to compare! Check out our comparison chart of Cande Shop vs House of Kolor, to find the corresponding color match in a superior candy paint, CANDE SHOP!

layers in a candy paint job
layers in a candy paint job

Layers in a candy paint job:

  1. Base Coat: The base coat is the first layer of paint applied to the surface. It’s usually a metallic/pearl color that serves as the foundation for the candy color that will be added later. The base coat is essential because it provides a consistent and even base for the candy layer to adhere to.
  2. Candy Coat: The candy coat is a translucent layer of paint that gives the effect of you looking through a Jolly Rancher. Candy paint is made up of a clear carrier with transparent dye added to it, creating a rich, deep color that appears to glow. The candy coat is applied over the base coat and its thickness determines the intensity of the candy color.
  3. Clear Coat: The clear coat is the final layer applied to the surface. It’s a transparent protective layer that seals the candy coat and provides a glossy finish. The clear coat also helps to protect the underlying layers of paint from damage due to UV rays, water, and other environmental factors.
  4. Pearl Coat (Optional): Some candy paint jobs may also include a pearl coat layer. Pearl paint contains micro pigment flakes that create a pearlescent sheen. The pearl coat is applied over the base coat and under the candy coat. The pearl effect adds depth and dimension to the candy color, giving it a unique shimmer.

Overall, a candy paint job is a 3-stage paint that requires skill and precision to achieve the desired effect. The layers work together to create a stunning finish that appears to change colors depending on the angle and lighting.

How long does candy paint last?

This depends upon the brand you’re using & how long the car is out in the sun. Cande Shop candy paint has premium UV resistance, giving you 5+ years of outstanding color. Longer life is possible with better care.

How do you protect candy paint?

Top coat it with a high solids clear followed by a regular routine cleaning using a soap without wax in it. Parking the vehicle under shelter will extend the life as it will protect it from the harmful UV rays.

How many coats of candy paint do you apply?

With Cande Shop candy paint, you can do this with 2-3 coats. With brands like House of Kolor, SEM or Matrix, you’ll want to apply 4 coats or more depending upon the color & how dark of a color you want.

Can I paint candy over any color?

Candy paint is typically applied over a metallic or pearl base coat. The base coat color can affect the final look of the candy color. For example, a candy red applied over a black pearl base coat will have a deeper and richer color than a candy red applied over a pearl white base coat.

How do I care for my candy paint job?

Candy paint requires special care to maintain its appearance. It’s important to avoid harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, and direct sunlight that can fade or damage the paint. Regular washing and waxing can help protect the finish and keep it looking great.

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