Choosing The Best Blue Candy Paint For You

With so many different shades of blue candy paint, which one is best for you?

This will always depend on you! Are you someone who likes more of a dark blue or a sky blue? Once you know how light/dark you like your blue to be, we can get started creating the right one for you.

variations of 12 different blue candy paint spray outs

How do you know which one to pick?

It begins with your decision on whether you want light, dark or in the middle. Once you have that question answered, then you know what color base you’ll want. When you use a silver base coat, it’ll brighten the color. As opposed to a gold base coat, that’ll darken the color. We have 4 different blue candy paint shades.

blueberry urethane cande

Dark Cobalt Blue

blue razz urethane cande

Bright Oriental Blue

bandanna blue urethane cande

True Blue

plum urethane cande


What’s the differences?

The differences are simply the shade. When you’re looking for a dark blue, blueberry would be best for you. When you’re looking for a light blue, blue razz would be best. Looking for something in the middle, bandanna blue would be your choice. Finally if you’re looking for something that pushes the limits of blue & purple, plum is AMAZING! No matter what you choose, candy blue paint is always going to attract attention & leave you looking back at your car every time you step away.

How do I know which type of blue candy paint to select?

This again will depend on the final result you are looking for. Remember each of these will need to have a quality clear coat with UV inhibitors in it.


Reduce & spray like a base coat over a silver/gold metallic base coat or pearl base coat

Urethane Cande

2k candy paint that you spray like clear coat over a silver/gold metallic base coat

Cande Base Coat

Reduce & spray like a base coat over a solid white/black base coat or sealer

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